Radiopaque™ medical inks – developed exclusively by CI Medical for medical applications – is a breakthrough technology in marking medical devices for tracking exact location during internal procedures. While Radiopaque™ markers provide high contrast and bright edges when viewed on film or with a fluoroscope, they do not loosen, fleck or peel; nor do they compromise the integrity of the medical device in any way.

By absorbing x-rays, Radiopaque™ Medical Inks are easily visible using fluoroscopy. This un-retouched ASTM standard test for radiopacity illustrates the effectiveness of Radiopaque™ medical inks (top right) when compared to traditional platinum bands (bottom left). The materials used in this fluoroscope test simulate varying densities of tissue mass and bone.

Onsite plasma gas pretreatment, specialty-grade Radiopaque™ medical inks, and 35+ years of experience and ingenuity have resulted in CI Medical’s ability to print on virtually any substrate including nylon polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, FEP, polyolefin, silicone and delrin. Specializing in medical printing technology, CI Medical has developed many unique, proprietary techniques to achieve superior markings on any medical device product regardless of size, surface irregularity or difficult configuration.

The precision with which the printing process is performed allows CI Medical to meet even the most stringent customer specifications. CI Medical is ISO 9001:2015 registered. For more information regarding applications of our Radiopaque™ ink line and/or to request samples, contact us.