Leading medical device manufacturers come to CI Medical for precision printing services on catheters, tubing and other components that require high quality printing with precise tolerances. CI Medical is the only pad printing company that prints exclusively on medical devices for over 35 years.

CI Medical has developed unique methods to enhance the precision of medical plastic printing on medical devices to a superior (some might even say astonishing!) level of detail.

Whether a project requires multiple colors, 360 degree printing, precise measurements or micro marking, CI Medical has experienced specialists operating highly customized machinery to ensure perfect markings on medical devices with consistent repeatability.

Marking Medical Plastics

In addition to our precision medical plastic printing techniques, CI Medical’s proprietary ink adhesion methodology, developed exclusively for medical grade inks, results in bonding on virtually any medical plastic substrate and coating.

CI Medical’s plasma gas technology, in conjunction with our specialized printing techniques, allows us to achieve permanent ink adhesion on commonly used medical plastic substrates such as FEP, PP, PE and PTFE, easy.